The 9 Provinces of Sicily

Sicily Provinces and Chief Towns

The island of Sicily is a region in the southern part of Italy. It is one of the country’s 20 regions and has an area of 25,708 square kilometers.

The island is surrounded by the Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and Ligurian Sea. The province of Palermo is the biggest province in Sicily. It has a population of 1,611,731 as per the latest census.

The other eight provinces are Syracuse, Ragusa, Catania, Messina, Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Trapani and Enna.

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Province of Palermo 

Palermo, Sicily

Population: 1.200.000

Palermo, the capital of the Sicily region, located on the north-western coast of the island, is the fifth largest city in Italy and the southernmost of the Italian peninsula in terms of size, importance and number of inhabitants. Located not far from Tunisia, the city is a nodal point of the Mediterranean Sea, a bridge between Europe and Africa.

Province of Catania


Population: 1.100.000

Catania’s exceptional geographical position, with the surrounding Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, has contributed to the history of a thousand-year-old city made up of shadows and bright lights. The growth of Catania has been for good or bad conditioned by the relationship with the volcano: taking advantage of the fertility of the countryside, succumbing to the lava flows, using the lava stone as material to build the houses.

Province of Messina

Population: 626.000

Messina is the doorway to Sicily. With its curved-shaped port, it has always been a commercial city. It is the closest city to the Italian Peninsula and although for many years there have been talks about the building of a tunnel or a bridge to connect Messina to the mainland neither of these two projects has ever materialised. From Messina you can reach the Italian peninsula by ferry.

Province of Agrigento

Population: 435.000

The province of Agrigento is one of the most stunning in Sicily. This beautiful province stretches between Greek temples, ancient ruins, baroque architecture, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. The ideal place to combine the pursuit of art, culture and history with absolute relaxation under the hot sun.

Province of Enna

Population: 165.000

Located in the heart  of Sicily, high up in the mountains lies Enna, an intriguing town  hidden by fog for most of the year. For the lovers of  nature this is an idyllic gateway where you can enjoy the delights of the undiscovered Sicily’s great outdoors. Here you can enjoy wonderful views, woodland walking trails, horse riding and more.  

Province of Trapani

Population: 431.000

Trapani extends of almost 2,500 sq km, distributed among 24 municipalities, and with a population of about 500,000 inhabitants, the province of Trapani occupies the extreme western part of the island, between the Gulf of Castellammare and the lower course of the Belice, a border with the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento. In Marsala there is Capo Boeo or Lilibeo, one of the three extreme points of Sicily: the westernmost one. 

Province of Caltanissetta 

Population: 262.458

Caltanissetta is a beautiful province in the heart of Sicily. A province that has its roots in a distant past, which lives again through the testimonies of archaeological excavations and in castles scattered over the territory.
The history of the province of Caltanissetta is dotted with the passage of many denominations that have left their mark.

Province of Siracusa

Population: 400.000

Located in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, Siracusa is today a modern and dynamic city, which however still clearly shows the grandiose and noble past. The climate, the vegetation, the happy disposition on a rocky island defended by the sea at the entrance of a vast and tranquil gulf like a lake can be considered its natural qualities; but what makes a visit indispensable is the consideration of its illustrious history, which placed it in importance, on the same level as cities like Athens, Carthage and Rome.

Province of Ragusa

Population: 320.000

The city of Ragusa also known as the “city of bridges” due to the presence of three very picturesque and historic bridges. In 1693 a devastating earthquake caused almost total destruction of the entire city, claiming more than five thousand victims. The reconstruction, which took place in the eighteenth century, divided this Town into two large districts: on the one hand upper Ragusa, located on the plateau, on the other Ragusa Ibla, built from the ruins of the ancient city and rebuilt according to the ancient medieval layout.

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