Mondello beach

Mondello Beach – Palermo – Sicily

Mondello is the main beach of Palermo located only 7 miles away from the city centre and it is located between Mount Pellegrino and Mount Gallo and separated from the city by the Parco della Favorita. Mondello beach with its fine sand and crystal clear sea it is considered the most beautiful beach of Palermo.

For over a thousand years Mondello was known by the Arabs as a muddy malaria infested port. It became prestigious in 1910 after a Belgian company bought part of the seafront promising to turn it into a fashionable seaside resort. The voice quickly spread between the Palermo aristocrats who started commissioning the best architects to build Liberty style summer villas. A Liberty style pier (known by the locals as the Charleston) was also built which dominates the seafront. 

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How to get there

Due to its proximity from the city it makes it frequented even by those who have a few hours available to spend at the sea. I used to go around midday as a lot of people would go back home to have lunch. Mondello is easily reachable by bus with more buses operating in the summer season.

Buses to get:

  • 806 Politeama-Mondello
  • 677 Stadium-Mondello
  • 603 Stadium-Mondello

The bus 806 is the most popular as you can get on from the city centre and is more frequent. 

Throughout the year you can enjoy the calm and beauty of Mondello beach while in the summer it transforms itself to best accommodate many tourists and the locals.

The beach is well equipped with umbrellas, sun beds and cabins which anyone can hire which is also a good idea if you want to avoid the usually busy part of the free public beach. 

You can also have a go at some water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing and sailing.


Why is Mondello Beach so sought after? 

The things that make Mondello a popular destination firstly are the white fine Sandy beach, the beautiful sea that makes this place resemble a Caribbean beach. 

Secondly some of the beautiful Liberty style villas, the nautical clubs and all the nice restaurants and bars which are mostly located around the main square on Mondello.

Lastly, for anybody who is looking for a holiday in a small town-village that has a lovely beach plus bars and restaurants nearby Mondello is ideal. Also ideal if you want to have day trips to Palermo.

Best time to go to Mondello Beach

Avoid Mondello beach in July-August as it is very busy usually with not much space to walk around on the beach especially on Sundays.

The best time to go is from April-mid June and September-October.

The reason for this is that firstly is mid season so less busy, secondly the weather is still pleasantly warm and the beach would not have all the cabins taking most of the space like in the full season.


Mondello World Festival On The Beach 

Since 1985 Mondello Has been hosting the windsurf world festival, renamed in 2001 “World Festival on the beach“. 

This yearly event brings together various sporting events such as windsurfing, sailing, kite, beach volleyball and also live music.

The sport event is mainly about sailing and windsurfing competition which includes the famous “Windsurfer Legend Race” where only Continental and world champions can participate.

Capo Gallo Nature Reserve nearby

You can find Capo Gallo past the main square of Mondello and only 5 mins walk away.

Capo Gallo has no sandy beach but rocks which makes it ideal for anyone who likes snorkeling and diving.

The sea bed of Capo Gallo is rich in marine life including lobsters and sea urchins.

Is Mondello Beach Safe?

Mondello is pretty safe although I wouldn’t recommend leaving your belongings unattended, always make sure somebody stays behind if the other person goes for a swim.

Regarding water safety for smaller children, Mondello is pretty safe as the water is not very deep but I would still be aware as in some parts as it goes a bit deeper. 

Where to Eat

Trattoria da Franco: Lovely Seafood restaurant with friendly staff and great service. They also have vegetarian and gluten free options and outdoor seating areas.

Address:Via Mondello 15, 90151 Mondello, Palermo, Sicily 

Da Piero: Another seafood restaurant located in Mondello square.

Lovely food and friendly staff. They serve traditional sicilian recipes mainly seafood based such as : mussels and clams, calamari, lobster, swordfish, fish soup and more.

Address: Piazza Mondello 12, 90151 Mondello, Palermo, Sicily 

Villa Clelia: Fine dine cuisine at its best, great atmosphere, lovely food and wine. Vegetarian and gluten free option. Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: Via Carbone 26, 90151 Mondello, Palermo, Sicily.

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